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Summer Street Cat Clinic

Importance of Cat Examinations

Why is the physical exam so important, even when my cat seems fine?

We all know that detecting and treating disease early can make a huge difference in the outcome. There is no substitute for a thorough, nose-to-toes, hands-on physical exam. You may not realize all of the body’s systems we are checking. Here are just a few of the important things we look for:

  • Weight change

    Even a 5% weight change can signal diseases such as kidney disease, dental 

    disease and liver disease. Increases in weight can be addressed more easily in the early stages.

  • Eyes

    Abnormalities of the eyes are essential to identify and can be hard to notice at home.

  • Oral cavity

    We look for tumors, dental disease, and mucous membrane color, which can signal anemia, heart disease, liver disease and other problems.

  • Palpation

    Careful palpation of the chest and abdomen can reveal several problems, such as heart disease, abdominal tumors, gastro-intestinal issues, and urinary problems which all frequently occur without any clinical signs!

  • Auscultation

    Heart murmurs, in cats, indicate a higher risk of heart disease. Cats with heart disease rarely show any clinical signs until the disease is in the end stages.

  • So much more

    We can identify pain, measure body condition score, check hydration and skin health. Dermatology, internal medicine, dentistry, preventive medicine, cardiology, weight management and more, all in a physical exam from one doctor!

In addition, the veterinarian may recommend periodic blood work for younger cats and more frequent blood work as your cat ages. Normal blood work results are well worth the effort and should never be considered wasted expense. Blood work in the older cat helps us start treatments earlier when they are less costly and more successful. Cats are amazing at hiding their illnesses. And of course, getting a good history from our observant pet parents is also an essential piece of the puzzle.

At Summer Street Cat Clinic, we love working with you and your cats to provide whole health that works for you.