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Summer Street Cat Clinic

Pet Insurance

How it works

We encourage all pet owners to consider Pet Insurance for the peace of mind it provides in the event of an accident or illness. It can help you avoid tough situations and give you the comfort of knowing that exam fees, diagnostics, and treatments are covered. Similar to insurance policies for people, pet insurance is available in an amazing array of plans and deductible options. As the pet owner, you pay an annual or monthly premium. After payment for services is made to your veterinarian and a claim is submitted, then the insurance company reimburses an agreed-upon portion of your pet's health care expenses.

Researching insurance policies, prices and choices can be overwhelming. For a comparison of different plans to help you get started, please check the following website and carefully compare the policies: 

Also, check out: 

or others you may find during an internet search. 

Alternatively, you can consider setting up a dedicated savings account for this purpose. If never needed, you will have a nice little nest egg set aside.