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Summer Street Cat Clinic

Ways To "Pill" Your Cat

The classic method for getting your cat to take a pill is to open your cat’s mouth and place the pill at the back of the tongue. Close the mouth and rub your cat's neck to encourage him to swallow.

If that doesn’t work, here are some alternatives:

1. Pill Pockets…. a small sticky treat that molds around the pill and fools many cats into thinking they are getting a treat and not medication!

2. The ‘Pet Piller’…. a device that helps get the pill to the back of the tongue without using your fingers. It is quick and safe and works for most cats.

3. Cat Food….Some medications can be crushed and hidden in cat food. You can also try hiding meds in chicken or turkey baby food. Use only a small amount of food so you can be sure the entire dose is consumed. Give before a meal when your cat is hungry.

4. Laxatone…. The crushed pill can be hidden in Laxatone and smeared directly onto the cat’s teeth without having to open the jaw. 

Don’t be discouraged. If none of these methods work, talk to our staff about other medication options.

The Cornell Feline Health Center website has many good videos and articles. Check out this link to find tips on giving your cat a pill or liquid medication: