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Cats with Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of the most common diseases affecting older cats. It leads to a decrease in quality of life and may shorten lifespan. 

We are currently participating in a worldwide study to evaluate a medication that may delay the progression of CKD, so cats live healthier lives.This study offers very comprehensive monitoring to your cat at NO charge to you! Check out their website and call us for more information or to set up a screening visit!



Our friend Valentino is in need of a new, loving home! Previously owned by one of our best clients who recently needed to go into assisted living care, this handsome guy is extremely friendly, loving, and chatty! 

To schedule a Meet-and-Greet, apply for adoption, or for more information about Valentino, please contact our Downtown office at 883-3324!

Call today for more information!

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